Herbal tea for constipation relief Safe for long term use

No Dangerous Side-Effects

If you search for an herbal tea that relieves constipation, you’ll get a lot of suggestions.
At the top of the list you might find Senna, but please don’t jump on that before you research a little bit further. While Senna indeed acts as a laxative, and be very effective at helping you with your constipation, it is a very harsh herb that you do not want to use long term. You’ll want to limit your use to 2 weeks, as it can otherwise cause many harmful side-effects.

In addition to the side-effects, it can also make you dependent on laxatives, thus making your condition even worse.

Licorice root is another tea that often is suggested, but is also one you want to be cautious about taking long term, especially if you have high blood pressure. It can potentially cause electrolyte imbalance, such as potassium deficiency. While drinking licorice tea every day is not a good idea, once in awhile is fine. But once in awhile doesn’t solve your chronic constipation problem.

Effective constipation relief with safe herbs

One of the things I personally really love about Velocitea is that is so gentle on your system that you can use it regularly, for years even, without fear of doing damage. The most amazing thing is that even though it is so gentle, it is also one of the most effective teas for relieving constipation.

It is so effective in fact, that I typically advise new users to start using the tea when they know they will be close to home for a bit, because you might be surprised by that urge to go which, as welcome as it is, requires you  to be near a bathroom!

When it comes to choosing a remedy to relieve constipation, Velocitea herbal tea is the natural choice. A combination of 5 herbs, in the right proportions, makes this the best tea for constipation relief and overall cleansing.

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